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  ​Institute of Oral Medicine was established in 1991. As a result of the efforts of the successive directors and professors, the academic achievement, talent cultivation, industry and academia are all achieved. The students have performed well and have made great strides in various fields. They have been working in science, teaching, medicine, business and industry. We have brought great impacts on the oral medicine research and on personnel training in the southern region of Taiwan.

  In the future, the primary goal is product output and the industry-university cooperation. We are currently working on large number of research and development, including oral cancer and other oral diseases research, dental materials research, nano-technology implemented in medicine translation research, craniofacial medicine diagnosis and treatment tool development, oral tissue engineering and stem cells Research, etc.

  Dentistry is a science that combines medicine, biomedicine, materials science, public health, aesthetics, and so on, so dental research is often cross-disciplinary research. Institute of oral medicine has long been with the medical, materials, machinery, and other departments. Besides, medical school has a strong medical research resources. The development of Institute of oral medicine can be integrated with many departments, and makes a further contribution to the local oral medicine. We also make synergic relationship with NCKU hospital.